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Kajsa & Jay Grimes

Kajsa Ceder

Certified Experienced Pilates Teacher Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit in a Holistic Approach.

Incorporating non-invasive psoas release, polarity holds, knowledge of scoliosis and imbalances in the skeletal system.


Everyone is so highly individual, and what fascinates me is how to work with imbalances to promote alignment and healing. I love Pilates as a method to help people connect to their bodies, find strength, flexibility, peace, health and well-being. Even the smallest imbalances must be seen and accounted for when working with ones body. I believe strongly in the mind body spirit connection and love watching Pilates transform people within their body and spirit, and then see the rippling affect in their lives. Pilates is a vehicle for becoming more present and fully alive. The core of your body is the core of your life and spirit.

pilates room
Jillian Hessel & Kajsa


Dance was an integral part of Kajsa’s childhood, and Pilates was a natural progression of fitness, that continued through her modeling career in the early 80’s.

Kajsa was fortunate to have Isa Bohn as her first teacher and mentor, before Pilates certification existed. Isa Bohn, trained by first generation teachers of Joseph Pilates; Romana Kryzanowska and Ron Fletcher.

Kajsa went on to be certified by Power Pilates in 2003.

In 2013, Kajsa studied with Sandy Shimado and Karen Frischmann in order to prepare for “The Work” an intensive, highly selective Masters program with Jay Grimes, a Pilates Elder and first generation teacher. Jay maintained the integrity of Pilates the way Joseph taught. She completed Jay’s program in 2015.

In 2016 Kajsa began mentoring with Jillian Hessel a professional dancer with Scoliosis who became a second generation Pilates teacher. Kajsa has also completed workshops with Karena Thek a Scoliosis/Pilates specialist.


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