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          The objective of Inlightning Pilates is to reconnect a person to their core energy in strength and spirit. Each individual is guided to new levels of feeling their power through the lengthening and strengthening of muscle and spine. This process of realignment and reconnection is the primary objective and what every individual deserves.


          Private and duet classes offered in a boutique studio in the heart of Topanga. The sessions are in the discipline of Classical Pilates and true to the original exercises of Joseph Pilates.

InLightning Pilates

" I am a 67 year-old woman who, prior to working with Kajsa, had osteoporosis of the spine, due to an L5 compression fracture from pelvic radiation for uterine cancer, and osteoporosis of the hips, also from radiation treatment. I have been working diligently with Kajsa for about a year and a half. I see her twice a week for individual sessions. Her knowledge of L5 compression fractures, including modifying exercises to alleviate pressure in the lower back, was impressive and reassuring. I knew I was building up strength, but I was not expecting my Pilates training with Kajsa to improve my bone density. Much to my amazement, my recent bone density scan showed a 7% increase in bone density in the spine, thus putting me back in the osteopenia category, and a 2% increase in bone density in the hips. I credit my work with Kajsa for these unexpected improvements. She is a wonderful teacher and I look forward to many more years of working with her."

Margret Rubin

"I did not expect pilates to be an intimate experience that supports one’s emotional well being as well as one’s body. But Kajsa Ceder is an exceedingly kind and sensitive presence as well as a skilled and attentive pilates practitioner and trainer. To be in her presence, is to come into health and tranquility. She is uniquely gift at the ‘core.” Thank you Kajsa."
Deena Metzger

My work with Kajsa has been both a catalyst and a compliment to my deep emotional work related to childhood trauma. As my body moves into correct alignment, trauma is released, and as I release the emotions, the blocks in my body are corrected as well. The more I work with Kajsa, the more flexible and powerful I become both in my body and my mind. The stronger I become, the less likely my emotions are to overpower me. I now rely more on my stronger, more powerful adult to protect and care for my child.

I have studied with Kajsa Ceder for over four years, which, in itself, is a testament to the value of her instruction as I have never been as consistent with a single teacher for any other exercise regimen before. Kajsa keeps up a flow of positivity and encouragement while maintaining acute powers of observation. Besides the expected benefits of greater strength and flexibility, Kajsa has improved my overall body awareness and ability to isolate individual muscle groups. I have found that my ability to be present and focus has improved markedly as has my mind/body awareness. But the most unexpected aspect was that it has been fun.
Michael A. Levine, composer for Film & TV

"In a few magical weeks, Kajsa helped me substantially with my balance, my posture, my overall strength and general well-being. She's made it more pleasant and pain-free to rouse myself and get out of bed each morning. All this as well as being a delightfully charming person to spend a rigorous short hour with. If you want Pilates - See Kajsa!"
Ron Rubin - 85 years old

“Wow Kajsa! I can’t believe I waited so long to find out how great Pilates is with you! As a life-time dancer I recognize the genius in the equipment, toning such specific areas of the body. And as a teacher, I recognize the utmost dedication and attention you exert to correct my positioning at every moment. I leave toned and happy. You are amazing. I am telling everyone!”
Melanie Kareem - dance teacher and performer

"I've been a ballerina for 20 years and finally had my first injury--I twisted my right ankle quite badly while taking class. Fortunately, right after my mishap I saw Kajsa's "Inlightning Pilates" sign and immediately called to schedule my first class. A warm voice picked up the phone and that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Pilates! Kajsa's classes are fantastic and I don't know what I would have done without them! Now when I return to ballet I will be strong and prepared. There's nothing like Pilates to keep you in shape--also it's wonderful when you're injured because it's very low impact and strain on any area of your body that you need to protect. You've changed my life Kajsa--thank you so very much!"
Chelsea Gokcay

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